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At the end of the course, you will face a final assessment that will need to be completed in order to pass and gain your 120-hour TEFL/TESOL certificate. This final assessment will consist of a full course examination.

Examination key points:

  • The exam will contain 65 questions, covering all of the topics studied throughout the course.
  • To pass this examination you will need to achieve a grade of 80% or higher.
  • If you fail more than 4 times you may need to enroll in the course again. This is to ensure that students take the course seriously and put effort into studying the materials in detail.

When you pass this exam, you’ll receive a downloadable copy of your TEFL/TESOL certificate which states that you have completed an accredited 120-hour course. This will also detail the modules you have completed and the topics covered. This document can be used as proof of your training when applying for teaching jobs around the world.

You’ll also have the option to order a hard copy of your certificate. This will be professionally printed and embossed, and shipped to you in a protective envelope using safe and secure recorded delivery.

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