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To get from sitting at home with your notepad, to standing in front of a class we’ll need to cover a lot of content. But don’t worry, to make this journey more manageable, this TEFL course has been divided into several bite-sized parts.

There are 8 main sections in this course. Each section contains several modules, and within each module you’ll find a range of lessons. Here’s how it breaks down:

1. Introduction – Here you’ll learn about what lies ahead in the course, and also gain background knowledge on life as a teacher.

2. English words and punctuation – Types of words used in the English language, how they’re formed, and how they’re used along with punctuation.

3. Sentences and tenses – How these words and punctuation marks are strung together into different sentence structures.

4. Language skills – The different skills which your students will need to master – speaking, reading, writing, listening and learning vocabulary.

5. Preparing for lessons – Creating well-balanced lesson plans that ensure you deliver an effective class.

6. Managing your class – Keeping your class on track – whether dealing with young learners, teenagers or business professionals.

7. Teaching English online – Specific skills and preparations for teaching English online.

8. Assessment – The end of course examination and assignment. Pass these and you’ll be ready to teach.

You’re currently at the Introduction stage of your course, and are free to revisit any previous lessons whenever you wish.

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