Course Accreditation

We’re proudly accredited by ACCREDITAT –  a leading ESL authority for over a decade.

Course accreditation:

We are delighted that World TESOL Academy has passed through the full accreditation process of ACCREDITAT (, a leading independent and international accreditation body.

This accreditation confirms that the course, our tutors, our assessment instruments, and our company processes and procedures are to the highest quality and are fully geared to helping you succeed.

Certificate of accreditation: Click to open.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a formal and intensive review to ensure that an educational course is capable of delivering high-quality and effective training. These reviews are conducted by independent organizations known as “accreditation bodies”.

When completing any course it’s important to check the accreditation behind it.


ACCREDITAT is an independent accreditation body, part of the Training Issues education group (established in 2002), which has been providing in-depth evaluations of ESL courses and organizations for over 10 years.

These reviews are conducted by highly experienced professionals with unrivaled experience:

ACCREDITAT Accreditation Advisory Team

Jim Brown, Chief Advisor: A former senior Civil Servant, Jim has represented the UK Government in Europe and Asia. He was invited by Her Majesty’s Cabinet Office to join the Charter Mark Accreditation Scheme and played a key role in its policy development and in its ongoing success. During this period, he and his colleagues accredited a wide-ranging list of enterprises, including schools and colleges. Jim is a renowned accreditation expert and focuses his time on advising and guiding selected businesses such as ACCREDITAT in all aspects of accreditation. We are delighted to have him on board and we benefit greatly from his unparalleled accreditation knowledge and experience.

►Tom Greenan, Learning and Development Advisor: After teaching English for several years in a secondary school in Scotland, Tom spent over 6 years teaching English and teacher training in Africa on a British Government aid scheme. During this time he was also a moderator of the Cambridge examinations for the Zambian Government. This was followed by another 4 years of TEFL/TESOL in Europe and Asia. After working in the business learning and development area for several years, he has spent the last 10 years accrediting international business courses and modules with a large ELT content, written in English but specifically developed for personnel where English is not their first language. Tom’s mix of skills and experience enables him to contribute in-depth to any area of TEFL/TESOL and Training accreditation.

►Scott Corbett, Quality Assurance Advisor: Scott is a quality assurance expert and had had lengthy experience in ISO 9001 and quality assurance strategies with an extensive, international range of enterprises. He recently completed a large project assisting a renowned College in Singapore to set up an accredited assessment centre funded by the Singapore Government, and he also guided them to achieve ISO 22222 accreditation.

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UK Register of Learning Providers

ACCREDITAT is also registered under the UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers), number 10065351. This means that they’re verified as a recognised legal education source.

ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document

Along with your 120-hour TESOL/TEFL certificate, you’ll also have the option to order an additional, certifying that you have completed an ACCREDITAT-accredited course. You can find information about this additional document here.

What does all of this mean?

In short, this means that your 120-hour TESOL/TEFL course has been through a thorough inspection, and our organization has been examined to ensure that we are capable of providing an efficient and skilled service.