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Aside from being able to live and work in exotic locations around the world, the salaries can also be another big perk of the TEFL lifestyle.

With different countries you’ll find wages vary quite a lot. In countries such as the UAE, and Saudi Arabia you’ll often find positions advertising around $2,000 per month, and sometimes up to $4,000. While in China, Thailand and Vietnam you’ll see positions around $1,000 up to $2,500, and in other countries you may see jobs around the $800 mark.

Here’s a rough breakdown of the job market:

Upper-tier UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait.
Mid-tier China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey.
Lower-tier Cambodia, Argentina, Myanmar, Peru, Laos, Nepal.

One thing to keep in mind however, is that living expenses in each region are often reflected in your salary. So while you’ll earn more money in the UAE or South Korea, your daily expenses will often be much higher than in other regions.

For many first-time teachers, the mid-tier countries offer a great compromise. They can still be relatively easy to find jobs in, and you can often enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while still saving some money each month. If you’re used to traveling on a budget and are looking to head off the beaten path, then a lower-tier country could be an incredible experience worth more than a salary can pay. The choice is yours.

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