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Congratulations on starting your 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL course

This course has been developed by English Language teachers, using our years of experience to give you all the skills needed to step into the classroom with confidence. We hope you’ll love the course and are excited about embarking on this journey of a lifetime. 

To help you familiarize yourself with using the course, we’ll take a few minutes to run through the instructions below. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us via the online chat.

Accessing your course

To access your course, you can simply log in through the link at the top right of the website navigation bar:

If you are already logged in, you’ll see this option instead:

This will take you to your course overview page where you see your course progress bar and the full list of lessons in your course:

Navigating through lessons

To begin studying, you can simply scroll down to the lesson which you wish to study by clicking it from the main menu:

You should work from the top of the course down through the lessons in the given order.

When you have opened a lesson, you’ll see its content on the right-hand panel, and a list of upcoming lessons from the current module on the left side:

After you’ve read through the lesson, you can press the “Complete Lesson” button to mark that you’ve finished reading it. You’ll need to complete each lesson within a module in order to proceed to the next – so be sure to hit the green button each time you finish a lesson.


You should now be all set to get started with your course! To go to your first lesson, hit the ‘Complete Lesson’ button below!

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