Companies to teach English online as a non-native speaker

The demand for online English teachers is increasing. One could note the high number of job posts advertising for English Native Speaking teachers, however there are companies that hire non-native speakers who are highly proficient in English.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the top companies who recruit non-native English-speaking tutors to teach English online.


Cambly is another platform for Online Tutoring. It is based on an informal teaching environment and it’s different from other platforms such as EF and Learnlight. Mainly, the people that you will be talking to already speak English at some level so they would be willing to practice and enhance their conversational skills.

On this platform Tutors (once approved), can login and book a shift. Students sign up and pay a fee and they login via an app to chat with tutors who are online. One of the main advantages of teaching English online through this platform is that you can just chat with students about casual topics in an informal way. You can set your own hours and no previous experience or certifications are required in order to tutor students. Tutors are paid $10.20 per hour on this platform.


    • No University degree required.
    • Fast and reliable internet connection.
    • Proficient in English.
    • Ability to teach and motivate students to enhance their language skills.

Get started with Cambly and start teaching English online here.


On Preply, tutors can teach English online to students on a 1-on-1 basis. Students come from different countries and cultures with different knowledge and English language skills. From the testimonials given by different tutors who used the platform one could easily note that the customer support team are very friendly and reliable, while payments are made to tutors on time.


    • Fast and reliable internet connection
    • Previous teaching experience is not compulsory however it is recommended and it will increase your chances to attract students.
    • Desktop or laptop computer

Get started with Preply and start teaching English online here.


TOPICA Native is an online English tutoring platform which allows tutors who are non-native speaking. If you are a non-native English speaking applicant but you have a high level proficiency of the English language you can go ahead and tutor through this online platform. In terms of earnings, TOPICA uses a pay scale system made up of 8 ranks. Tutors are classified into ranks based on their performance during their lessons.


    • Previous tutoring experience, although this not necessarily required.
    • A fast internet connection and a reliable audio headset.
    • Desktop or laptop computer

Get started with TOPICA and start teaching English online here.

Bibo Global Opportunity

At Bibo, teachers provide English lessons to students from Asia and other parts of the world via Skype. Regardless whether you are a native or non-native speaker, you will have to submit a short essay as a test in order to prove your English proficiency level. Upon passing the test, you will then have a Skype interview, after which you will undergo further training and pass the required internet speed test. The online lessons will be 25 minutes long, with a break of 5 minutes in between. All lessons are delivered on a one-to-one basis.

In terms of earnings, at Bibo you can expect an hourly rate of around $10 per hour and different payment options.


    • Proficient in English.
    • English Proficiency Essay Test.
    • Teaching Skills.
    • Computer literacy (Skype).
    • Over 18 years old.
    • High speed and reliable internet connection.
    • Desktop or laptop computer.

Get started with Bibo and start teaching English online here.


Fluentbe is a Polish online language school. Their online lessons are on a one to one basis or in groups of a maximum of four students. Non-natives tutors are allowed to apply on this platform, after which they will be interviewed to determine their level of proficiency in English. This platform also offers flexible working hours and you will be teaching English to Polish adult students. The rate per hour paid by Fluentbe is usually around $10 per hour.


    • Fast internet connection.
    • At least one year of experience teaching adults.
    • Ability to teach online via Skype or other similar applications.

Get started with Fluentbe and start teaching English online here.


The above mentioned online tutoring platforms all offer teaching opportunities for non-native English tutors who are looking into the possibility of teaching English online. Cambly is an innovative platform where you can teach English in an informal and fun way by discussing various topics through a conversation with the student. It is also worth noting that Fluentbe is on the lookout for more tutors due to the increase in number of Polish students who are looking to learn English online.

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